Living With Less 🌔 August 1 2014

A year ago I moved from my house in DC to the suburbs. A weekend of schlepping boxes of belongings was a vexing way to realize how much I had amassed over the years and how it weighed me down. After the move I decided to give myself a year to simplify. The goal: 100 possesions.

I donated books and clothes, decluttered, and changed my purchasing habits. I became more selective and concerned with quality. There wasn’t any room for things that were mediocre.

Two days ago I moved to San Francisco with 2 backpacks stuffed with the result of my efforts. Here’s what I brought with me:

Clothing (54)

I need to buy some socks. I didn’t donate or pitch any but over the course of the year they all dissapeared on their own– as socks do.

Electronics (5)

I don’t count the books on the kindle or chargers. Also, if you have headphone recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Dog (6)

Random (8)

Not counting toothbrush, contacts, comb, etc. I make the rules in my own game. Also, The books are American Gods and The Initiates, if you were interested.

TOTAL: 74!

I hit my goal, but I still have a bicycle, some books & artwork, a suit, and a tux back home that I’ll be flying out in the next few weeks. These will put me closer to the 100 mark. As noted above, I’ll probably buy some more socks too. I’ll need some silverware and furniture most likely, which will probably put me a little bit past the mark. But not by much!