Laughter and Language 🌔 May 29 2017

I’ve been having a blast with language recently, and I figured I’d share some of things I’ve learned that I’ve found particularly interesting.

Spring 2017


I was making some updates to and Mom said that I was keeping it current. I laughed when I thought of the word when used describing water in a river. Always changing, but always now.


Orginating from the Latin Persona: a mask or false face. Later, A part in a drama, an assumed character.


An old friend asked me what the hostel has been like. I said that it’s been so enriching to be able to interact with people from all over with such varied lives. And despite the endless variation, I’ve come to feel deeply that, “we have in in common than in…” I struggled to find a word. Then said the first that came to mind, “…difference”

Indifference: lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

When you self identify, you become disconnected, different from the underlying completeness of everything. From Corinthians, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.” It’s a state in difference from the completeness. Indifference. Too funny.